Salary Packaging Australia
Honesty & Integrity

Southgate’s honesty and integrity is evident throughout the delivery of our services. Every aspect of our salary packaging services, from transparent and detailed reporting to specific itemised costing for employees on their individual salary packaging analyses/quotes, is designed to fully disclose all relevant information to our clients to enable them to make an informed decision.

Many competitors adopt complex fee structures whereby the true costs of goods and services are not identifiable to the client, and which result in employees paying fees upon fees without acknowledging the true value for the customer. Where there is a cost to our customers for a service provided through Southgate, it is either absorbed by Southgate or transparently itemised on our quotes (where third party supplier costs are passed on). All quotes issued by Southgate include all relevant fees.

For example, Southgate’s Motor Vehicle Management Fee for lease vehicles is based on a fixed fee structure. There are no hidden costs (such as fuel card transaction fees, merchant fees, account keeping fees etc), which often arise within competitor’s programs by way of being hidden in a ‘fuel budget’ or ‘miscellaneous budget’. If you are quoted for fuel expenses, the expense billed to your salary package will be the cost of the fuel and nothing more. Similarly, if our costs increase for the provision of service, we absorb the cost difference so that your costs remain the same for the term of the agreement.

We aim to provide the best overall solutions for our clients, which includes partnering with suppliers that will enable us to maintain our high ethical standards and quality solutions. For example, our choice of supplier for vehicle fuel cards and salary packaging payment cards (for Meal Entertainment and Expense Payments) do not attract any additional fees for our clients (such as transaction fees, merchant fees, account keeping fees etc).

Our quotes and analyses are designed to help clients make informed decisions easily or take the quote/analysis to a trusted financial adviser and have all the relevant information available. Competitors often provide disorganised quotes displaying no clear methodology or calculations, which leave employees uneasy about the decisions they have to make. Southgate’s clients regularly comment on how thorough and clear our quotes and reports are to read and interpret.