Salary Packaging Australia
Our Services

Southgate provides a complete salary packaging administration solution for all employer types and their employees. Our services provide employees with reliable and expert management of their salary packages, and eliminate the hassle associated with the establishment, administration and reporting of employee salary packaging arrangements.

Our salary packaging services include:

  • Educating employers and employees about salary packaging and Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Assisting with the development of the employer’s Salary Packaging Policy
  • On-site group presentations to employers and employees
  • Individual one-on-one package consultations for employees
Incomes & Payments
  • Reporting scheduled payroll deductions to the employer including provisional FBT deductions
  • Facilitation, scheduling and payment of Fringe Benefit expenses
  • Management and review of employee expenses to ensure the smooth operation of employee packages
Administration & Compliance
  • Establishing employee salary packages tailored to each individual
  • Administration and day-to-day management of employee salary packages
  • Collection and maintenance of supporting documentation for audit purposes
  • Enforcement of technical ATO compliance standards
  • Enforcement of employer’s Salary Packaging Policy
Vehicle Management
  • Vehicle procurement (management of the whole process from negotiation through to delivery)
  • Finance solutions compliant with ATO requirements
  • Motor Vehicle Management Program to maximise tax savings and manage vehicle running costs efficiently and conveniently
  • Employer FBT, Reportable Fringe Benefits Amount (RFBA) and ITC (GST) calculation and reporting
  • Employee reporting including tailored individual analysis, FBT and RFBA budgeting
  • Secure website facility for Employer (including online payroll advices, ITC reports, live account reconciliation)
  • Secure website facility for Employees to enable access to their salary packaging details and transaction records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week