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Business Partners

Southgate carefully selects each of our business partners and suppliers in line with our service philosophy. We do not select these partners based on price, profitability or ease of integration with our internal systems, but rather we make a decision based on their ability to assist us in fulfilling our customer service goals. We partner based on a cost-benefit analysis, whereby we select the provider who best demonstrates the same corporate philosophy as Southgate and acts professionally, with integrity and transparency, and can contribute a rewarding solution for our customers at a competitive price.

There are always other providers who can provide a cheaper or easier or more profitable partnership, but we believe a successful partnership stems from delivering a rewarding and competitive service that keeps our customers happy, rather than a fast or cheap service. Whether it is financiers, insurance providers, banking solutions or other suppliers, Southgate has often chosen the less beneficial option for Southgate in order to provide a more convenient and rewarding option for our clients.

This may mean partnering with an insurance provider not purely based on competitiveness of premiums, but also on other features such as pay-by-the-month premiums for better cashflow management or standard inclusions to cover any finance shortfall in the event a lease vehicle is written off. It is the overall solution that is paramount, not any individual aspect.