Salary Packaging Australia
Our Philosophy

Southgate has a unique service philosophy, which provides unparalleled results to the industry. We don’t just aim to meet industry standards, we set out to create new benchmarks that far exceed those of our competitors and which the market has been unwilling or unable to attain. We believe that by attracting the best staff, fostering a culture of organisational learning and development, and rewarding customer-service-based KPIs, we can ensure that sales performance never comes at the cost of our integrity or customer service commitment. In contrast to accepted norms, we believe it is possible for these two goals to co-exist, and that this philosophy will result in far greater customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it will ensure that our clients experience a stronger, more rewarding relationship with Southgate in the long term.

Southgate adopts this central philosophy when creating each of our core goods and services and building supplier relationships. Our emphasis is not towards just being the ‘fastest’ or the ‘cheapest’ or the ‘easiest’, but is based on providing the best whole-of-life-value solution to our customers so that important qualities and features are not sacrificed for any single delivery goal. Southgate delivers a higher standard of quality and service across all goods and services because we aim higher, we listen to the needs and priorities of our clients, and we seek the best solutions for our clients based on value for money and long term satisfaction.

When achieving our service goals, we don’t just sit back and relax, we strive to set even bigger goals. This is reflected in every aspect of our company, from our choice of business partners/suppliers, our IT systems, staff training programs and customer service processes through to our compliance procedures and reporting.

It is this philosophy and our core values that define the provision of our services.

Our Core Values
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Proactive Philosophy
  • Commitment to High Quality Customer Service
  • Providing Whole-of-Life-Value in Our Services
  • Ongoing Development and Innovation