Salary Packaging Australia

Southgate understands the ever-changing nature of the salary packaging industry. As such, it was critical that we built our IT systems with an understanding that changes can, and will, occur. Examples of the flexibility of our system in different situations include:

  • Our IT systems are fully scalable to ensure we can provide a competitive and valuable service to employers of any size, as there is no employer too large or small to benefit from salary packaging.
  • When new fringe benefit types become available via new government regulation or by customer request, Southgate can generally completely implement these in our core systems in under 5 minutes.
  • When Income Tax, GST or FBT rates change, Southgate can fully update these new parameters into our system (including integration into our quoting systems and live salary packages) within 10 minutes. Many of our competitors have taken 6-12 months to update their systems to comply with tax changes due to poor system design, meaning that many of their quotes are inadvertently incorrect or misleading.

By having a different design mentality to competitors, Southgate has been able to create a more efficient and problem-free system to the benefit of our customers, as we spend less time and resources fixing errors, which in turn provides more time to focus on providing quality customer service.