Salary Packaging Australia

Compliance is a cornerstone of Southgate’s services and systems. This includes compliance with ATO legislation, regulations and rulings, an employer’s salary packaging policies and our own processes and customer service policies. We achieve this superior level of compliance through well-designed training and IT development. The more important a compliance aspect is, the more we develop automated systems to ensure 100% accuracy and reduce human error risks. Automated compliance is supported by rigorous training to ensure our staff are aware of the reason behind specific processes or procedures.

The core training undertaken by our staff highlights common compliance issues within the salary packaging industry, so that we may assist clients in eliminating any compliance risks. Many widespread compliance risks with novated lease motor vehicles are not considered or addressed by other salary packaging providers, financiers and alike. For example, issues such as ineligible vehicles and lease residuals outside of ATO guidelines are prevalent in the wider salary packaging industry, but have been prevented in Southgate’s systems due to smarter system design and a recognition and understanding of these issues and the associated compliance risks.