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  • Upcoming tax changes

    From 1st April 2016 legislation changes will affect the treatment of Meal Entertainment and Accommodation & Venue Hire fringe benefits when salary packaged, with the introduction of a new annual cap limit.

  • A Novated Lease allows you to make large income tax savings by salary packaging all your vehicle running costs tax free.

    You don’t need a huge salary.
    You don’t need to drive high kms.
    You don’t need to buy a new car.

    Significant savings can be achieved on almost any full time salary and any level of travel, driving a new car, used car, or even your existing car.

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  • You can salary package all your vehicle running costs tax free, including:

    Lease Payments
    Servicing & Maintenance
    Registration & CTP
    Comprehensive Insurance
    Roadside Assistance
    Car Wash

    We provide a complete Novated Lease Management Program that conveniently and efficiently arranges all aspects of your Novated Lease.

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  • Southgate understands the pain and inconvenience associated with the purchase of a new car.

    We source and deliver vehicles with the minimum of fuss, at the best possible price. Other benefits include:

    Access our purchasing power
    Competitive tendering process
    Save time... and money
    Maximise trade-in value
    Independent advice
    Compliance with ATO and
    employer vehicle policy

    Our quotations are free of charge and include all on-road costs.

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    New Car Buying Service.